As It Moves

Dear Cyberspace (and all who reside therein),

Everything is changing. Everything is evolving so rapidly that I can barely keep up with it, let alone write about it. In the last month I have been through Honolulu, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, St. Louis, Balsam Lake, Chicago, and Boomfield Hills. I have driven 2400 miles, and I have carted all of my earthly possessions in my soccer mum van the whole time, only to deposit them into a very cold dormitory, in a room I rarely occupy. I have seen old friends, made new ones, and seen so much highway that the hyphenated median, made solid by speed, is burned into my mind. And I can’t get it out. But now it is two weeks into my first semester as a graduate student, and already my work is changing significantly. I’m already looking back at Pendulum and realizing the immaturity of many of its elements. And so, moving forward, I’m so thankful to be in a challenging environment, where I’m pushed constantly by people I barely know, whose work already inspires me.

This is the installation I’m currently working on. It’s gonna be hella cray when it’s done.

Even just existing on this campus is stimulating, visually. The architecture, the sculptures everywhere, the general feel of the place…

The leaves are starting to turn down the street by my studio. Yellows and oranges now, reds building. This time next week, the lane will be bursts of firey hues softly cascading from the branches.

Happy Autumn, world.




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