Up There

I have, simultaneously, nothing and everything to say, since my long-ago last post. So instead, here are some photographs of my week long trek from Honolulu to Houston to Dallas to Memphis to St. Louis to Wisconsin. Needless to say, it has been quite a week.

Watching airplanes from the Seattle-Tacoma airport, Tuesday morning.

I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle. The airport was the closest I’ve been yet, so the numerous glassed-in photos I was able to get during my brief layover there will have to suffice until I can actually go explore it someday.

Houston was wonderful, spending time with my big sister, Sarah, drinking coffee and rummaging through the plethora of antique stores in Montrose.

This is my beautiful big sister, Sarah. I taught her how to like cappuccinos that day.

One of the many antique stores we wasted so much time in. Wednesday.

Thursday morning I met an old friend for coffee downtown, and then began my trek northward.

Driving north to Dallas, Thursday morning.

I love the Dallas skyline. It will forever feel something like coming home, to me.

It was strange, leaving Dallas indefinitely. Even now, with all my worldly possessions still packed in the back of my van, I have to keep reminding myself that my chapter in Texas is done…

And so up I drove to Memphis.

I wish I’d had so much more time to explore Memphis, but this wall adequate conveyed what I Was able to see.

Memphis. Maybe the place to be. Saturday.

Memphis was such a great place to fossick around for the weekend. So full of life and history and character(s).

I have a thing for trains. Especially trains with graffiti all over them.

Someday I’ll go back and see more of it all. But the weekend ended, and St. Louis was next.

St. Louis. Another place I need to explore sometime soon. It was such a good time, hanging out with some of the Washington University grads, learning to tattoo, and learning that I’m impressively awful at darts.

Monday morning, I got in my overly packed van again, and drove eleven hours to Wisconsin.

North through Iowa. This state felt like it was never going to end.

Taking pictures while driving isn’t really the most advisable of tips for maneuvering vehicles. Therefore, this mediocre photograph of St. Paul, Minnesota, will have to do, until I can upload those taken when I actually had time to go into the city.

Being on the road so long should have given me so many new ideas for grad school…instead it just clouded everything further, muddying my already filled head with so many more new directions…

So. There you have it. My road trip. Or, the first leg of it. I leave Wisconsin for Chicago on Friday, and then head to Detroit on Saturday. School starts Monday.

And I feel so unprepared.


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