Watered Down

Summer is nearly done. I wish I’d been inspired to create the whole time, but inspiration must have been on vacation, too. So here is the meager collection of experiments I’ve managed to accumulate thus far.

Ready, Set, Watercolors.

So there you have it. Some watery doodles.



P.S. Here’s a little baby extra one. Because I don’t love it, but something about it keeps me keeping it:

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6 thoughts on “Watered Down

  1. The last watercolor is really good. I’m glad you kept it! Keep up the amazing art. Tuesdays are my favorite now.

    • I thought that if I put it up here, it wouldn’t be suffocated in my little black sketchbook anymore. So glad to see it’s gained at least some appreciation for all its pigment. Also, thanks!

  2. How wonderful! I love all of them!

  3. Beautiful!!

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