Of Cabbages and Kings

I kidnapped Rose yesterday and made her wander for three hours around Waikiki with me, my camera, and my new colorful filters. This is what happened:

Let it be known that my little sister is a trooper. She posed, walked, ate, drank, and climbed trees like a boss. As far as models go, she is practically ideal.



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6 thoughts on “Of Cabbages and Kings

  1. O.M.G. What are these color filters? Can you buy them??

    • They’re just colored filters – like UV filters, or any protective lens covers – but they’re colored for different purposes. The three I stacked in these photos were a solid yellow (typically used for black and white photography, to increase contrast, but I love the way it tints colored photos too), and then a graduated orange and a graduated blue, twisted to blend all three colors together. You can get them at any camera store (I got the yellow at Ritz Camera), or on Amazon, where I found the graduated ones. Anyway, thanks for visiting, and for the comment!

      • Oh wow. I’m new to photography so I don’t know much about these things. Thanks for the quick and detailed explanation! Will look out for these when I go shopping next time.

  2. Nice works here! The colors are unique~!

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