Walking Far from Home

I walked for two hours this morning down Ala Moana, all the way to Diamondhead and back, recognizing my own humanity more fully in the uncomfortable half-smiles I shared with the various passers-by; we’re all tourists here, far from home and co-owners of nothing. In the process of recognizing this, I found some amazing sights, however.

I decided after walking down this pier that I’m over the whole “house” thing. I need to sell all my things, buy a boat, and embrace that nomadic part of myself I’ve always tried to hide…


Even after walking alone for two hours, I couldn’t think of anything insightful or worthwhile to write about for this week’s post, so instead I decided just to stick with pictures, and hope they say enough.

Also, I passed a man lopping branches off a palm tree, and had to take a picture – just because the thought of having to prune island trees never even occurred to me.

Anyway, it’s time to see if I can coerce Rose into going to the beach with me in the few hours I have before work. Hopefully inspiration for next Tuesday’s post will strike, and I’ll actually have something interesting to write about.


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4 thoughts on “Walking Far from Home

  1. I love the catamaran boat in the first picture!

  2. The pictures do speak for themselves! It all looks wonderful.

    I’m curious as to what a palm tree looks like if it isn’t pruned. It doesn’t have that windswept aesthetic?

    How’s life going generally? Reading anything cool?

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