Etsyville: The Perfect Place for a Fundraiser.

The verdict is in – I got into two of my top three graduate programs! Now I just have to choose between Cranbrook Academy of Art and Washington University in St. Louis. I’ll be visiting both over spring break, so hopefully some ethereal scribe will write my fate in the sky, or something.

I write at this late hour, however, not to harp on said acceptance, but rather to propose a sort of fundraiser, that I might actually be able to achieve this new goal of an M.F.A.

I have to raise $1000 in the next few weeks to put down a deposit at Cranbrook (which, by the way, I’m secretly hoping is the right choice) to reserve my studio for the fall, but I’m just a poor college kid. As I brainstormed earlier this afternoon to come up with a way to raise the money, recognizing that all of my recent art is unfinished and unpresented (and therefore cannot be sold until May), I thought of a brilliant plan (the “brilliant” part is up for negotiation, of course):

I can sell my prints in advance of my exhibition, with the promise to deliver after my show. That way I can earn the money that I need for grad school, while not getting rid of all my work and having nothing but white gallery walls to show the art department faculty in April (for some reason they’re not really into that).

So, should you feel so generous as to assist in my dream of achieving my M.F.A., here is a link to my new Etsy site, to which I shall be adding for-sale prints in the days to come:

Also, if you’re feeling impatient and want to browse a few more, I have a few of them listed on my website:

Any help you can give is immensely appreciated! Even if just words of encouragement, because – holy moly – grad school planning is terrifying.



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