Copper and Procrastination

Twelve hours in my studio today. Trials and errors. Experiments and successes (but mostly the former). I’ve finally broken past the blockade that’s stopped my creative progress for the last month and a half: Humans. My show needs its human element to be more evident, that people won’t just breeze by what they assume to be a plethora of attractive mushroom drawings.

But more on that later. Today was focused on words.

This is where magic happens.

Words. More text. Thoughts plainly written out as impetus for viewers to contemplate what it is they’re seeing. Words to draw in complexities not readily apparent through the visuals of the prints.

"Resist" Screen print with spray paint on waferboard, 2012

This quote, which I put on a series of boards, is from Aeschylus’ antediluvian play, Agamemnon:

We must suffer, suffer into truth. We cannot sleep, and drop by drop at the heart the pain of pain remembered comes again, and we resist, but ripeness comes as well.

I thought it fitting, and I especially loved the choice of “ripeness” as descriptive of growth and development.

I found the most incredible metallic screen printing ink in a beautiful shimmery copper. It’s thick, and it prints an almost embossed layer on the surface of the waferboard, maintaining its sheen even when dry. I might spend the entirety of my next paycheck on a lifetime supply of this stuff.  Might. 

Detail of one of the plethora of copper prints I finished today

I have officially procrastinated on a written assignment for my class (which, incidentally, is in ten hours) for the entire day. It is officially time to get some actual work done.

Also, I’m uncomfortably obsessed with the entirety of Paul Simon’s Graceland album today. Can’t get enough of it.



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6 thoughts on “Copper and Procrastination

  1. Yay! Another Carrie post.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the human element.

  2. Just added you to the blogroll, along with a few other UD artists. I don’t know if it’ll help in the short run, but I have noticed people are clicking the links there.

    And your work reminds me: I’d better write on Agamemnon soon.

  3. Matt baker on said:

    Hi Carrie. Funny you’re obsessed with Graceland. I’ve always been a big Paul Simon fan. Favorite song on that album is “The Myth of Fingerprints”. Not sure why it appeals to me so much.
    When are you going to be in VA again?
    Hope all is going well in Dallas

    • It’s such a good album! Sometimes I get the itch for it and nothing else satisfies.
      I’m not totally sure when I’ll be back in VA, possibly over the summer. I just got accepted to Washington University in St. Louis for the fall, so if I go there for grad school, I don’t really know how getting back to VA, what with the padres moving to Hawaii and everything, will work out. Anyway, I hope all is going well for you guys! I miss you all.

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