2012 Objective No. 2

I’m not entirely sure how long it takes for Nyquil to set in, but here’s hoping it’ll be longer than it takes for me to plinker out this post. Tonight’s objective: specify item number 2 of my chaotic-yet-ever-increasing list of new year’s resolutions.

This is the year I’m going to get it all together again. I spent the majority of 2011 meandering through school, relationships, and life in general. The profound amount of apathy upon which I founded my outlook on most everything this past year seemed somehow helpful, as though it was aiding me as I grew into some invincible being, affected by none. But numbness isn’t strength. Apathy allowed me for awhile to exist separately from all things that might encroach upon the bulwarks I built against them; but ultimately, it’s lonely alone out there. Even as I write this, in a dimly lit living room, to the melancholy droning of The National, I find myself completely perplexed at the drastic turn my life took, even just over the last 365 days. Planning stopped. Routes changed. Life opened up a plethora of new directions, and I chose none. And so this brings me to my second resolution.

2:  I will finally finish reading the dozens of books I began once but never finished, or that I bought because I intended to read them, but never got around to it. I’m going to read for my classes in this last semester of my undergrad career. I’m actually going to go to class this spring, and I’m actually going to turn in assignments [on time]. Crazy, I know.

…Next year’s resolution will be to buy a new bookshelf.


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