The Obligatory New Year’s Post

My 2012 was rung in with a nasty bout of flu and an inordinate amount of Netflix InstaWatch. So while the world was saluting the oncoming year with champagne and confetti, I drank a lot of this:

Pretty much as good as champagne, maybe.

…and I ate an ungodly amount of this:

Thanks to all my beautiful pals who brought me chicken soup and half-pies.

When I woke up this morning after fourteen hours of fever-sleep, I remembered that 2011 definitely left without me, and that it’s now time for all that resolution business that’s supposed to come with the new year. So without further ado, here is the first objective of a loosely organized list of all the things I [just might] conquer in the year to come:

1.  I will discontinue my long-standing practice of hitting the snooze button every nine minutes after my alarm goes off for the following hour. I will maybe only snooze once. Tops. My roommate might like me better now. I’m going to get past this insomnia that’s plagued my sleep habits for the past ten months. It’s gonna happen.

I totally annihilated that snooze button.

I’m not usually a fan of new year’s resolutions. They feel contrived. The new year never brings anything but a brand new set of 365 days, all the same, all 24 hours, all you. But even I, a cynical, jaded once-optimist, can still appreciate the hope that the idea of newness brings. Being sick for four days straight gives one ample time to reflect on their own comings and goings; in doing so, I realized that I have some very necessary changes to make. It finally occurred to me that I’ve spent so much time creating a thesis exhibition centered around the imperativeness of progress, when all along I’ve been the stagnant one. Everything races around me, and I’m stuck in slow motion, watching everything happen and yet hopeless to engage.

Happy 2012, world. Here’s to the cruciality of tearing down structure to facilitate necessary development. If you should feel so inclined, comment with your resolutions! I want to know what the world is up to this year.


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