Little Black Book

To progress, to develop, to produce – herein lies the fundamental separation between being and living. Herein lies growth, fertility, renewal. 

Progress requires destruction, and therefore we are only legitimately productive when we are able to break down structures and build again from constituent parts. As a reflection of the necessary fragmentation in decomposition, my manifesto will be lengthened, elaborated, and then printed onto multiple boards, which will then be hung in collage form from floor to ceiling. It will summarize the exhibit not as an artist’s statement, but as the Futurist, the Blue Rider, and the Bridge movements of the twentieth century.

Manifesto scribbles in my little black book

I want these thoughts, these ideas to be so intricately connected to the installation as a whole, that it would be impossible for anyone to walk through it and not recognize its significance, its depth, its relevance to their own existence. My aim is not to tell people what to think, but rather to act as an impetus for the progression of their own thought.

Another spread from the little black book

I want to create a different world for my viewers. I want the gallery space to feel cold and dark, yet visually warm at the same time. I want the arrangement of my suspended centerpiece to mimic the flourishing shape of mushrooms, so that my drawings illustrating it are felt, rather than simply seen. I want people to come away from this exhibit moved to reflect, and possibly even re-evaluate their own developed beliefs. What is the purpose of anything if it doesn’t influence or inspire, somehow? What reason would we have to communicate, if communication were so insignificant? Art must communicate, or it is nothing more than a craft; and the sole purpose of a craft is merely to keep the fingers busy and the mind preoccupied, away from the acknowledgement of its own deterioration.



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