As the Sculptor

This is Vitality, the unencumbered, unreluctant ability to advance, to build, ever to facilitate rebirth.

"Recompose" 2011. Screen print with spray paint on waferboard.

Creating a body of work for an exhibition, I’m learning, is no different than embarking on a new relationship. You begin with a vague notion of the other entity, a basic understanding of general surface characteristics, and slowly, over time, the hidden complexities emerge. I realize that I am not the creator of this concept toward which I’ve been working since August. It is showing itself to me, and I, much like the sculptor, who carves away at stone to free the inherent subject, am facilitating the growth of an entirely self-sufficient individual.

I began this past summer with an idea to create an installation based on the concept of decomposition in nature as a metaphor for human suffering, in that, just as nature destroys itself in order to renew itself, so things that are looked upon as negative in society facilitate the same regeneration. As months went on and I began laying down layer after layer of ink, I came to recognize the deeper elements, which, ostensibly, existed without my knowingly creating them. In investing more and more of myself into these pieces, I saw reflected in them not only the social commentary I had originally intended to make, but also a narration of people I have known, experiences I have had, which were ultimately the impetus for my initial thesis. I began to notice more than just the world around me, more than objectively destructive aspects of humanity in my prints, as my own personal destruction was exposed as well.

This exhibition attempts to draw attention to the potential for good in decomposition by showing that nature, which necessarily destroys itself for the purpose of rejuvenation, should be a model for our understanding of mankind’s habitual self-destruction. Simultaneously, it is a cumulative illustration of the negative things in my own life, the suffering which has allowed me to develop into a woman capable of acknowledging the benefits they have fostered toward my own ultimate maturation.


Also: Hammock’s Losing You to You is the song of the day.

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2 thoughts on “As the Sculptor

  1. “…the potential for good in decomposition…showing that nature, which necessarily destroys itself for the purpose of rejuvenation, should be a model for our understanding of mankind’s habitual self-destruction…”

    I agree :-)

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