Google Sketchup: Definitely Maybe.

I took a plethora of photos of my exhibition images earlier today, to see what they look like all together, arranging them in collage form so I could get a better visual of how they would fit on the gallery walls:

I’m getting increasingly excited about this project as I watch it all come together. This is just after having two images finished. I’m trying to fathom the feeling of walking through the installation, complete, in May (If I haven’t burned it to the ground by then).


On to the main purpose of this post: it turns out that technology’s attempts to make life easier for everyone might really just make things needlessly frustrating (but didn’t we already know that?). Google Sketchup, I have determined, is both the most helpful tool I have encountered for the planning of art, and simultaneously the most obnoxious. The panning 360 degree camera that fools the eye into thinking something is resting on the ground, when in actuality it’s hovering three feet from it; the 2-dimensional people who loiter where they’re not wanted, bein’ all flat and crap in the most inconvenient places…Still, I can’t help but be endlessly fascinated by its ability to show you exactly how things fit in space, and the strategic, careful planning it allows by eliminating all the guess work (or math, if that’s what you like to call it). Anyway, I think I’m a fan.

Google Sketchup model for my upcoming thesis exhibition

Also, I am outrageously hungry right now. This happens to me late at night.


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One thought on “Google Sketchup: Definitely Maybe.

  1. Chuck on said:

    you are fireproof. and I am proud.

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